UNC Study Indicates Dental Benefits for Adults who Drink Flouridated water

AFrontzahn Oberkiefer 20090930 01 recent study done by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, found that adults who drank fluoridated water had fewer dental problems than those whose water wasn’t supplemented with fluoride. The study, titled “Effects of fluoridated drinking water on dental caries in Australian adults”, was carried out by a group of researchers at UNC. The lead scientist, Gary Slade, is the director of the oral epidemiology doctorate program at the School of Dentistry for UNCs Chapel Hill. He weighed in on the findings upon releasing the results.

Protective Effects

“We found there are protective effects for adults and, equally important, that the protection occurs even if those adults didn’t have access to fluoridated water when they were children,” Slade stated.

The study was “the first population-level study of its kind” according to UNC’s announcement of the study. 3,779 adults over the age of 15 participated in the study. Randomly chosen Australian citizens partook in the study from 2004 to 2006. The scientists administering the survey, asked Australians where they lived since 1964, and compared it to areas where water was fluoridated. They then measured tooth-decay levels, and compared the data.

Known To Help Prevent Cavities

Fluoride in the water is known to help prevent cavities and tooth-decay in the long-term, when consumed by children. What came as a surprise, is the fact that even adults who hadn’t been exposed to fluoridated water in childhood, still benefited from from fluoridated water when consumed in adulthood. Adults who began drinking fluoridated water post-adolescence still saw fewer cavities, and lower levels of tooth-decay than those adults who’d never lived in an area with fluoridated water.

“It was once thought that fluoridated drinking water only benefited children who consumed it from birth,” Slade said.

“Now we show that fluoridated water reduces tooth decay in adults, even if they start drinking it after childhood.”

Still Controversial

Fluoridated water is a controversial issue. Many people are concerned about the possible health-risks associated with putting fluoride in the water. Regardless how you feel about it, studies like this continue to suggest that it does provide dental health benefits. If you live in an area without fluoride in the water, consider taking fluoride supplements to strengthen your teeth, and help prevent tooth-decay. Of course, the most important way to prevent tooth-decay is to brush twice-daily, floss often, and be sure to visit your dentist twice a year. If you need any other tips or recommendations from the best kid friendly dentist louisville, CO has, please contact out office today.