Worst and Best Halloween Treats For Your Teeth


Halloween is almost here and your children may be planning their costume for trick or treating. What to wear is not the only thing they should be thinking about. The foods you eat this month can make an impact on your smile. You can take a proactive role in your families health by planning healthy Halloween treats ahead of time.

It is possible to have healthy treats, although many patients come to us and ask what foods are the worst for your teeth we like to share the best foods for your health. We decided to dedicate this blog to help educate you and your family about the worst and best Halloween treats for your teeth.

In order to maintain a healthy smile do your best to avoid these treats:

Worst Candy for Your Teeth

Hard Candy
Hard candy such as jolly ranchers, jawbreakers and lollipops can hurt your teeth. The hard candy is processed sugar and it will sit on your teeth long after the candy is dissolved. Eating hard candy will keep sugar in your mouth and on your teeth the longest, which can lead to bacteria build-up and cavities.

Chewy Candy
Chewy candy is one of the most popular types of Halloween candies. Starburst, caramels, candy corn and Now and Laters are all perfect bite size treats that can really do damage to your teeth. The reason chewy candy is bad for your teeth is because the chewy sugar will get in between your teeth, which is a hard to reach place for your toothbrush. Cavities can probably happen if you don’t floss after eating chewy candy.

Chewy Candy Bars
Chewy candy bars with sticky fillings like Three Musketeers, Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix are loaded with sugar. The soft chocolate can brush up on your teeth and the chewy center will often stick in between your teeth.

Best Candy for Your Teeth

Sugar Free Gum
We tell our patients that one of the easiest ways to fight cavities is to chew sugar free gum between meals. Not only will it prevent many people from overeating, but also it can help reduce cavities in the mouth. It makes a great treat for trick or treaters as well.

Powdered Candy
Powder candy such as pixie sticks can dissolve very quickly in the mouth which can be better for your teeth over some of the Halloween candy that can stick to your teeth.

Eating chocolate can be beneficial to your health if it is eaten in moderation.
Sugar isn’t the enemy when it comes to Halloween treats, but the amount of time the sugar sits on your teeth. Cavities happen when the sugar eats into your teeth because of bacteria build up. Chocolate is a soft sugar that will move through your moth quickly.

You and your family can have a healthy Halloween and eat tasty treats. Now that is something to smile about.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Louisville Dental Association – the best dentistry Louisville, Colorado has to offer!