An Ounce of Prevention…

At Louisville Dental Associates, both Dr. Skinner and Dr. Chudleigh take great pride in being a part of our community in Louisville. We strive to know our patients. We value your time, your patronage, and your health. That’s why we place such emphasis on preventative care.

Again and again, preventative care has proven to be the least expensive and most powerful weapon against disease in nearly every aspect of the human body. Louisville Dental Associates takes this very seriously, and is proud to provide thorough, individually tailored preventative care for our patients.

Regular exams

This may seem obvious, but in our busy lives, it may be easy to forget that the first step in excellent oral health is regular checkups. Our official recommendation is one visit every six months, and one set of digital X-rays every year. This way, we can keep a close watch on any changes that may occur in your mouth, and nip any problems in the bud!

Treatments and sealants

Fluoride can be an extremely valuable tool in strengthening your teeth’s defenses against bacteria. Treatments work by re-mineralizing your teeth, halting developing cavities, and increasing your teeth’s resistance to plaque, bacteria, or sugar.

Tooth sealants are another way of protecting teeth. When we have grooves in our teeth, these small pockets can collect little bits of food, or even protect bacteria and plaque from getting brushed or flossed away! If you have them, sealing these teeth grooves is an important step in preventative dental care.

Stop your sleeping self from teeth sabotage

Unfortunately, we can unwittingly harm our teeth while we are asleep. Teeth grinding causes a whole host of problems for your oral health: temperature-sensitivity, headaches, neck and jaw pain, and even chipped or cracked teeth! If you suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding, we can help: with a preventative mouth guard fitted exactly for your mouth, this nocturnal problem is stopped in its tracks.

Treat gum disease and help your whole body

The link between gum disease and systemic health is clear. When you come to Louisville Dental Associates, we make treating gum disease a priority because we know how strongly this aspect of oral health can effect your entire body. For example, multiple studies show links from gum disease to cardiovascular disease and increasing incidents of diabetes mellitus. Fortunately, gum disease is preventable through regular dentist visits and daily hygiene practices.

Preventative care saves time and money

At Louisville Dental Associates, we want our patients to spend their time biking, barbecuing, gardening, or reading a good book – not getting cavities filled. And we want our patients’ money to go towards college funds, vacations, new kitchen cabinets, or piano lessons instead of root canals.

As premiere family dentists in Louisville, CO Dr. Skinner and Dr. Chudleigh are passionate about working with our patients to provide the most exhaustive, up-to-date, and personal dental care. This is why we built our practice on a firm foundation of preventive care– because what’s the best for our patients, is best for us.

Schedule your next visit with Dr. Skinner or Dr. Chudleigh today! We look forward to seeing you.


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