Fast Facts on Sinus-Related Tooth Pain

One of the important aspects of being a general dentist in Louisville CO is to be aware of all the many things in a family’s life that could effect oral health. During the spring and summer months, seaonsal allergies can be that dental variable that people are unaware of.

Have you ever experienced aching, pain, or tooth sensitivity in your upper molars during an allergy outbreak? Most likely, it’s not sudden cause for a root canal– it’s probably sinus-related dental pain.

How it works

When your sinuses become inflamed, as they likely do when having an allergy attack or a cold, your maxillar sinuses can press on the sensitive nerves near the roots of your upper molars, which sends pain signals to your brain.

This can obviously be extremely uncomfortable, but the good news is that it doesn’t indicate a dental pathology, and it can be remedied by anti-inflammatory drugs. If the pain is very intense or you aren’t noticing relief, that’s a good time to call Louisville Dental Associates. Let us help you. After all, we’ve seen this before!

An unexpected dental danger

As mentioned, sinus-related dental pain is almost always temporary, and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your teeth. However, there is a risk factor that does dramatically increase during the summer months: dry mouth.

Saliva doesn’t only make chewing and swallowing a breeze, it protects your teeth and gums by washing food particles away from the mouth (and out of bacterial clutches) as well as carrying ions critical for tooth remineralization. It’s an amazing substance. In fact, dental scientists believe saliva is one of the most important factors in dental health.

Antihistamines, the medication most commonly used to relieve sinus congestion and related pain, has a common side effect: dry mouth. Without its protective saliva, your mouth is more vulnerable to cavities and bacterial infestation. If you are noticing dry mouth, call us for advice.

A couple of summer cautions

In general, the beautiful summer days of Louisville, Colorado pose no immediate dental threat. However, it’s always worth remembering that in hot weather, drinking lots of water isn’t only good for your body– it’s good for your oral health too.

When you do hydrate, avoid the usual summer treats like lemonade, slurpees, and of course soda. These drinks only bathe your mouth in a sugar laiden, acidic broth that feeds bacteria and weakens tooth enamel in one go. Get your liquids from unsweetened sources like herbal tea, milk, and water.

And finally– in the midst of all your summer fun, don’t forget to schedule your next appointment with your general dentist in Louisville Colorado! We look forward to seeing you.