Digital X-Rays


Images of unparalleled quality

Digital x-rays provide our team at LDA with images of unparalleled quality. With digital images that accurately depict the current state of our patient's oral health, our dentists can provide the type of dental care that meets their individual needs.

Unlike traditional x-rays that use film stock, computer-generated digital x-rays eliminate wait and preparation times.  Digital x-rays also emit less radiation for our patients and  have much less impact on the environment.

Better images and faster results!

Similar to traditional dental x-rays, digital radiography uses a sensor placed in the mouth to capture a detailed scan of your teeth and gums. However, unlike the film which needs processing, digital x-rays produce an immediate image for our dentists to review with the patient when developing a customized oral health plan.

Better images and faster results! What more could you want out of an x-ray.