Oral Cancer Screening


Identify any signs of mouth cancer early on

Our dentists and hygiene team will examine a patient’s mouth during an oral cancer screening to look for any signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. An oral cancer screening aims to identify any signs of mouth cancer early on, when patients have a greater chance of recovery. Patients will undergo an oral cancer screening during every exam with our dentists. If something suspicious is identified, further testing may be required to determine the extent of any potential problem.

Similar to how we track moles and freckles on our skin to monitor for early signs of skin cancer, a professional oral cancer screening monitors oral colors, texture, and injuries for early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer can be caused by tobacco use, viruses, or be genetic, so an oral cancer screening is needed for every person. Signs you should tell your provider about include: any sores in your mouth that take longer than two weeks to heal, persistent hoarseness in your throat, or any changes in color or texture that you notice between visits.