Root Canal Treatment

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About root canal treatments

To save a tooth badly damaged by dental decay or disease, our team at Louisville Dental Associates offers patients root canal treatments. When an infection takes hold in the interior of a tooth, known as the pulp, it destroys the delicate nerves and blood vessels that maintain the health of a tooth. If allowed to progress, the infection can undermine the long-term health of a tooth, making tooth loss an eventuality.

How It Works

During a root canal, the interior of a tooth is cleaned out and sterilized of any harmful bacteria. The dentist will fill the tooth with a material that provides additional stability and support. A cap, or crown, is placed over the tooth to restore it to health.

A root canal can fully restore a tooth and eliminate the risk of tooth loss. While root canals carry the reputation as being incredibly painful, most patients experience no more discomfort than when having a cavity filled.

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